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This service enables subscribers of Smart Communications, Inc. to check balance, download services, and avail of promos and other services.

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Smart Buddy Terms and Conditions

The Subscriber agrees to the following terms and conditions governing the use of Nokia Messaging ("Service") and Smart Communications, Inc. ("Company")

  1. This Agreement relates only to Service provided by Smart Communications, Inc. ("Company") and shall be in full force and effect from and after the actual date of approval of the application for the Service.
  2. The Subscriber may select from any of the three Promo packages:
    1. Day Package at P10.00
    2. Weekly Package at P140.00
    3. Monthly Package at P299.00
  3. The Subscriber must have an existing personal email address before signing up for the Service.
  4. Service is applicable to Nokia S60 Handsets Only (Email Only: N5320, N6120, N6210, N6220, N6710, E51, E61, E61i, E66, E90, N73, N78, N79, N82, N85, N95, N95 8GB & N96) (Email and Chat: N5230, N5530, N5630, N5730, N5800, N6720, N6730, N6700 slide, N6760 slide, C5, C6, E5, E52, E63, E71, E72, E75, N86 8MP, N90 0, N97, N97 mini & X6). ("Device")
  5. The Subscriber must download the Nokia Messaging client from Immediately after the download, the email setup wizard will launch and the Subscriber can set up Nokia Messaging. The Subscriber will be asked to enter a valid email address and password and accept the terms and conditions. Upon successful setup, an inbox for that email account is established on the Device and the first email message shall arrive.
  6. The Service supports POP (e.g. AOL), IMAP (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) and PIM (e.g. Local ISP emails) emails.
  7. The Service can support up to two (2) e-mail accounts. However for Nokia E71, E66 and E63, the Service can only support one (1) e-mail account but can be upgraded by downloading the latest version of the Nokia Messaging client.
  8. Upon activation, once the Subscriber enters the email credentials and the email account has been set up, the Company will start charging a flat rate.
  9. Payment Terms
    1. P10.00 for Day package
    2. P140 for Weekly package
    3. P299 for Monthly package
  10. The Subscriber shall pay the amounts due to the Company:
  11. Access to URL links that are embedded in the e-mail is not part of the fee. Standard browsing charges of P10.00 for every 30 minutes will apply.
  12. The Subscriber shall be liable for all e-mails and other transactions from his Device regardless of who may make such e-mails and other transactions.
  13. Browsing charges may be incurred if the Subscriber fails to disable the Automatic Show Images Option. To disable:
    1. Click on Settings
    2. Select Options and click on Show Images
    3. Change it to 'No'
  14. If the Subscriber wishes to terminate his subscription, he may proceed to the Wireless Center to request for service deactivation or call the SMART Hotline *888 using his mobile phone.
  15. First-time users who do not subscribe to the Nokia Messaging Plan will be charged a Nokia Messaging data charge of P10.00 for every 30 minutes.
  16. The Company is not liable for illegal/unauthorized transactions that may arise from the use of the Service.
  17. The Subscriber shall be responsible for ensuring that his personal e-mail/s is/are protected against unauthorized access through his Device.