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Unli Yahoo! Mail & Messenger P15/day
Unli Surf Offers


Experience Unlimited Mobile Internet at speeds of 2Mbps! 

Designed for the heavy mobile internet user, UNLI SURF data plans allow you to connect to the internet using your mobile phone and surf to your heart's content without worrying about per minute charges. Browse mobile sites, upload photos, view videos, connect to your social networks, send and receive email, all through an unlimited data connection! Surf any time, any where, any site.

Choose from our affordable UNLI SURF plans that fit you and your budget:

For wap registration, simply visit using your Smart cellphone and select the package you want to avail. Key in SURF and send to 211 to get information about the service. Mechanics:

  1. Avail the plan you want either via SMS: text UNLI <AMOUNT> send to 211 (Example: UNLI 50 send to 211) or via wap:
  2. After selecting the plan you want, TERMS and CONDITIONS screen will appear. Please click on the PROCEED tab to confirm your purchase
  3. Confirmation screen showing the status of your data plan will be displayed. This screen will show the exact start and end time of the data validity period.
  4. You can now connect to the internet at a flat rate during your validity period.