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This service enables subscribers of Smart Communications, Inc. to check balance, download services,...

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SmartNet is a Social Aggregating service that offers users posting, viewing of feeds to Facebook and...

Download Caller Ringtunes and Full Track from Music from Smart! You can also get the top news, Gigs...

Opera Mini

The Opera Mini Browser optimized for Smart Overview

Get fast mobile Internet in the palm of your hand with the Opera Mini Browser optimized for Smart. Download it for FREE! Fit the Internet perfectly and comfortably into any cellphone - faster and with the world's most advanced FREE mobile Internet browser with the Opera Mini Browser optimized for Smart. Download the Opera Mini Browser optimized for Smart for free and instantly make any website turned into a mobile site on your cellphone allowing you, even with access to only GPRS, an easy, quick and more practical way of navigating the web! Once active, Opera Mini compresses web pages by up to 90% displayed on a cellphone, allowing web pages to be downloaded quickly and reducing the cost of browsing. The web pages are translated into a mobile-friendly format overview with suggestions on where to begin reading. Bookmark, sync notes, download, upload, save for later, create shortcuts, get Apps and even give your cellphone a virtual mouse. With Opera Mini  anyone, anywhere can wrap their fingers around the web. To help you make the most of your Smart mobile Internet experience, the Opera Mini Browser optimized for Smart starts you off with the Speed Dial and the Smart portal, introducing you to Smart content and services to enhance your browsing experience.


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