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CHIKKA Text Messenger


Why do I need Chikka?

Because chitchats don’t have to end when you run out of load or your friend goes offline. Chikka lets you I.M. and text for free wherever you are in the world.


How do I create a Chikka account?

After downloading Chikka on your pc or device, click the button "Create Account".

If you own a Smart mobile number and you’re in the Philippines, you can create a Mobile Account by texting JOIN to 2814 (free of charge as a welcome treat).

Remember: your mobile number will serve as your Chikka ID in the 63-format (ex. 639188765432).

To sign up for a Non-Mobile Account, you need avalid email address. Upon successful registration, a permanent system generated Chikka ID will be assigned to you, with a top-secret password, of course. Your mobile contacts will see 2814<Chikka ID> (ex. 28140123456) as the “message sender” when receiving your Chikka text messages. And they should send their messages to that number too if they wish to reply to you.

Using a Mobile Account is a lot cooler and convenient too because it allows you to continue sending and receiving Chikka messages as text on your mobile phone even if you have signed out of Chikka.


What are Chikka Text Credits?

Chikka Text Credits are equivalent to free text messages you can send online via Chikka to existing PH mobile users. There is currently no way for users to purchase extra credits but don’t worry, credits are automatically replenished daily. You can also earn more credits with every mobile reply you receive.

Please note that your mobile recipients will need to reply to at least one for every three messages you send them using Chikka online for them to receive your succeeding messages. This is in accordance the anti-spam policy set by the telecommunications carriers to protect users from receiving unsolicited and unwanted messages.


How much will I be charged if I use Chikka?

Chikka texting online is always free. That’s the golden rule.

In fact, receiving Chikka messages is also free.

Meanwhile, mobile replies to Chikka messages are at a regular rate of P2.50/txt. You might want to encourage your friends to also sign up to Chikka so you guys can text each other for free.


Can I send load via Chikka?

Chikka doesn’t currently support this feature.


Can I use Chikka on my mobile phone?

Chikka is currently available on Android and iOS. Otherwise, you can log on to your downloadable Chikka on Windows, Web Messenger, Facebook, or Google Chrome.


I’m in the Philippines, can I use Chikka to text friends abroad?

Yes, for as long as your friends are fellow Chikka users or are using PH mobile numbers.


I'm using a Philippine roaming SIM abroad, can I reply to Chikka messages from my mobile phone?

We don’t encourage that you do so. You see, replying to Chikka messages outside the Philippines means that messages will be transmitted through international carriers, so we cannot guarantee receipt.

Charges for international replies also depend on your carrier. Feel free to contact your mobile service provider for details.


I forgot my password, can I still log on to Chikka and text free?

Good thing we remember!


Go to > Sign Up > "Forgot your Password" then input your Chikka ID or the email address you registered with us. And, voila! We’ll send it over to your email address if you’re using a Non-Mobile account or mobile phone if you’re using a Mobile account.

Also, for Mobile account users, you can just send PASSWORD to 2814 using your registered mobile phone. That’s P2.50 per text.


Why am I not receiving messages?

Here are the two most common scenarios:

1) Your mobile buddies forgot to use 2814<Chikka ID> (ex. 2814639188765432) when replying to your Chikka messages.

Sending mobile messages to just your Chikka ID without access code 2814 will cause your messages to get lost in digital space.

2) Poor network connection

Your Chikka experience will depend on available WiFi or 3G data bandwidth within your area. Message traffic also depends on your network provider and location where message was sent. Please allow lead time for all your messages to be delivered successfully.


How do I delete my account?

We’ll tell you how only if you promise to sign up for a new one. Kidding! But that’s half meant. Simply email a request to and we’ll deactivate your account within 24 hours upon confirming your request.


Can’t find the answers to your question? Simply email your questions or any product support-related concerns to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.