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Android, iPhone, Blackberry, WindowsPhone, Java

This service enables subscribers of Smart Communications, Inc. to check balance, download services, and avail of promos and other services.

Smart Music

Download Caller Ringtunes and Full Track from Music from Smart! You can also get the top news, Gigs & Events, watch Music Videos wherever you are.

Smart Movies

Get movie schedules, watch Trailers and Personalize your phone with Ringtones from Movies from Smart!

Get Facebook Texts!

Facebook Mobile Texts lets you post status updates and receive notifications via SMS!

Follow these steps to activate:

1.     Log onto Facebook

2.     Go to

3.     Click ‘Add a Phone’ and enter your password

4.     Select Philippines and Smart


5. Text F to 3404 to receive your confirmation code and enter it on the field provided.


Once confirmed, you may start using Facebook Mobile Texts!

Action                                                   Keyword

POST STATUS                                        <your status message>  

SMS POKE                                             P <name>

FRIEND REQUEST                                  ADD <name>

SUBSCRIBE                                           SUB <name>

UNSUBSCRIBE                                       UNSUB <name>




Send keywords to 3404. All texts P1.00. Notifications are free.